How Sugar Shack started

It was the middle of the hard lockdown in South Africa when I was approached by someone looking to sell off machinery used in the manufacturing of Vermicelli and Pearls.  After extensive research we found that the local market was flooded with imported products some were very good quality and some not so good, the main feedback we had was that supply was inconsistent and pricing fluctuated with each shipment. We soon found that this problem was to be exacerbated the longer the pandemic lasted.

Sugar Shack was started in 2019, our aim was to use local raw materials and local labour to manufacture a range of Sprinkles for the South African market. Currently we have a team of 8 ladies that have learned the art of not only making Pearls,100’s & 1000’s & Vermicelli but also the coating and colouring of the products.

Sugar Shack staff

The Sugar Shack team

In the beginning we found our product wasn’t to the standard we expected so we sought the help of a company in Germany that specializes with the coating of Sprinkles, this is how we managed to turn the quality around and start producing a well priced, high quality range of Sprinkles. Currently we offer our products in bulk packaging from a 5kg to a 500g and the then most popular line is the 100g handy shaker bottles.

At Sugar Shack we firmly believe that – Local is the new LOYAL.